BLACKPINK Lisa’s Handbag Collection Is Massive And The Prices Will Make Your Jaw Drop

One bag is worth at least $20,000.

All the members of BLACKPINK have amazing style. And, there’s something Lisa never forgets to complete her sometimes very unique looks.

It’s a handbag, and Lisa has a huge collection of them. In fact, it’s a very pricey collection. The bag pictured above is Celine worth $4,550. And, it’s not even the priciest one she owns. Here’s a look at her collection, with a Hermes bag worth $20,250.

The Michael Kors handbag she’s wearing is on the lower end of the price spectrum at $1,490 compared to brands like Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Dior.

The lowest priced bag she owns is a $79 SAMO ONDOH backpack, and that’s still a lot of money for the average individual to spend on a bag.

And, this isn’t even her entire collection or including gifts from fans. With these bags alone, that’s easily $83,781. That’s more than enough money to make anyone surprised.