BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Jisoo May Have Opposite Weight Goals, But They’re Extra Supportive Of Each Other

They’re the sweetest!

In BLACKPINK‘s “B.P.M” video series on YouTube, fans get exclusive content on their BORN PINK world tour. Random tidbits of information called “TMI” are shared here, one of them being the weight goals of some members.

The topic was brought up after the group’s London concert. Here, Jisoo walked up to the camera and shared her reaction at just how hot it was at the time.

Today we had our very first show of our European tour in London. It felt really hot, maybe because it’s been a while or maybe because of my hair extensions. I kept sweating so much.

— Jisoo

Lisa came up behind her and agreed, saying, “That’s right” to which the older member followed up with a confession that they “sweated a lot.”

Thinking of the exercise she just finished—singing, dancing, and jumping around for several hours on stage—reminded her of her fitness goal.

I’m going to work out after this.

— Jisoo

Lisa, on the other hand, had opposite thoughts, saying, “I don’t want to lose weight.” She frowned as she added, “I [lost weight] without even knowing.”

The main dancer did not let this hold her down for long. She vowed to the camera that she will make sure the numbers on the weighing scale increase.

I’ll try to gain weight this European tour!

— Lisa

Despite having the opposite concern, Jisoo was nothing but supportive. She even joked that she had an interesting method to help Lisa out.

I’ll try to share my fat with Lisa during the tour!

— Jisoo

The two friends hugged it out and encouraged each other with the classic Korean shout, “Fighting!”

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube