BLACKPINK’s Lisa Tried To Kiss Jisoo But Jisoo Just Wasn’t Having It

Lisa just wanted to show her some love!

Although BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo definitely loves her fellow members, when it comes to giving and receiving smooches from them, well, you’re never really sure what Jisoo is going to do!


Will she accept the kiss…


Block it…


Or maybe do a little something like what she did during their In Your Area encore performance in Bangkok? During their performance of “Really”, Jisoo was getting ready to blow a kiss to fans when Lisa moved in to kiss her unnie! The only problem was, Jisoo wasn’t having any of it!


And even when Lisa tried one more time, Jisoo still wouldn’t let Lisa land a kiss on her cheek!


And instead, she got a sassy Jisoo and a finger wave!


But considering she did land a peck on Jisoo the day before, maybe Lisa will have better luck showing her unnie some love next time!