Lisa’s Latest Video Is Giving Us All The BLACKPINK Content We All Deserve

And Lisa showed her adorable friendship with Niki too!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is back with more “Lilifilm” content and it’s exactly what we all needed in our life!


After 3 long months, Lisa blessed fans with a brand new video on her Youtube channel featuring BLACKPINK’s time in California for Coachella, tours, and a little fun.


The video has been leaving fans feeling very full with plenty of sweet BLACKPINK moments…


And even one special surprise! As the video started up, fans immediately recognized the voice of Niki, one of Lisa’s best friends and favorite artists! It turns out that Lisa had used Niki’s “MOVE!” for her video!


BLINKs have been loving the latest film and think it’s the perfect addition to Lisa’s other spectacular videos. Fans have also been praising Lisa for feeding us all the amazing content!


Of course, the new video isn’t the only reason everyone is celebrating. On June 3, Lisa’s channel officially hit (and surpassed) 1 million subscribers!


With a golden button sure to be appearing soon and a new video full of amazing content, we’re all winning! Now we’re off to watch her California video again to celebrate!