BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Lilifilm” Videographer Reveals What Working With Her Was Like

She took extra measures to welcome him and his team, while also giving him a new challenge.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa turned everyone into her fan with her lastest Lilifilm dance video to QUIN and 6LACK‘s “Mushroom Chocolate”.

Although Lisa’s stage presence and fluid yet powerful dancing shine on their own, it takes the right videographer to film in a way that brings it out even more.

Wanting advice from the experienced videographer, YouTuber susiemeoww was able to get into contact with the man who filmed the viral clip that has over fourteen million views: Anthony King.

Managing to snag a video call with Anthony, not only did he reveal some helpful tips for editing video but his experience with meeting and filming Lisa.  He had no problem answering the many questions he was asked. “How was filming with Lisa? Was it good? Was it fun?”

Anthony had only good things to say about the popular idol. He mentioned how kind she’d been, “Shooting with her was awesome. She was really sweet, really cool. She’s also really talented.” He then jumped right into how talented she was as a dancer, taken aback by how seeing her move was even better in person.

He revealed how every single one of Lisa’s dance moves is done with a purpose. “I’ve seen her dance on video. Obviously, I knew she was, like, a great mover. But, then when I saw her dancing in person, it’s a whole other story. She just moves so well. There’s no moves on her that look awkward.”

Knowing everyone would be interested in their meeting, Anthony shared how Lisa had caught him off guard. “When she first came, I was setting up the equipment and everything, the lighting… I heard someone come down the stairs and say, ‘Hello,’ in English. I’m like, who’s that?”

Since he’s aware of how different greetings in Korean culture are, he kept his distance. “I check, and I see that it’s Lisa. So, I tried to wave from a distance. ‘Cause, you know, with idols and stuff, I don’t wanna give a handshake or whatever.”

He’d been even more surprised that Lisa had taken the extra measure to be welcoming to him and his entire team: “She ignores the wave and goes in for a handshake first. And, she goes to every single person on my team and gives each of them a handshake as well. Wow, she’s super nice.”

When it came to filming, Anthony faced one funny challenge: Lisa’s height. “I knew she was supposed to be tall, but I didn’t realize how tall she was gonna be. So, when I was filming her, it made things a little bit more difficult. She’ll do a leg kick up. I’m like, ‘Damn. That went out of camera. What am I supposed to do?'”

With all the memes going around from Lisa’s legs, taken from the video in question, it seems even more amusing finding out how difficult those shots had been to capture. “Her legs are way too long. That’s great, and it looks awesome. For me filming, it makes things a lot harder.”

Listen to Anthony King reveal how amazing the experience and Lisa was, along with the challenge of capturing her oh-so-long legs here.