BLACKPINK’s Lisa Claimed Another Fan After Little Mix’s Jade Witnessed Her “Swalla” Dance

Jade was caught fangirling over Lisa:

BLINKs had been predicting that if Little Mix‘s Jade Thirlwall attended BLACKPINK‘s In Your Area tour concert in London, that she would fall for Lisa…and it looks like that prediction has come true!


With photos of Jade in attendance at BLACKPINK’s London concert sparking interest online, fans got to see how big of a BLINK Jade truly is when they checked her Instagram page. In a series of Instagram Stories, Jade showed herself totally getting into the concert. From her “DDU-DU DDU-DU” dance…


To her “Solo” sing along, Jade proved without a doubt that she is a huge BLINK too!


Besides showing off her love for BLACKPINK, however, there was one story in particular that caught her fellow BLINKs’ attention. In the story, Jade captured Lisa’s famous “Swalla” dance and added in a relatable emoji while tagging the dancing queen herself!


BLINKs have been absolutely loving the post and are totally understanding why Jade would have that particular reaction to Lisa and her dance!


With Jade falling for Lisa too, it just further proof that Lisa really and truly is irresistible!