From His Age To His Breed: BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals More Details About Her Newest Pet Dog, Love

We love Love!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently added a new pet to the L Family, a dog named Love!

Love wearing a yellow shirt | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

In the group’s live broadcast for their fifth anniversary, the topic of the puppy was brought up. Lisa didn’t hesitate to gush over her favorite dog, saying, “Love is so cute, isn’t he?”

When the first few photos of Love were released on her Instagram account, nothing but his name was made known. Finally, in the live broadcast, Lisa revealed a few more details about him.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

He’s a male puppy who—like many fans guessed—is a Doberman, a breed of dog known for being highly intelligent, loyal, and confident. Though they may look a bit intimidating to some, Jennie commented, “After I met Love, I see the name totally matches.”

A Doberman dog | @Gytis M/Unsplash

Love may be a little boy right now, but he will eventually grow to be a large sized dog!

He’s four to five months old.

— Lisa 

He’s the cutest little thing! The other BLACKPINK members found his “huge paws” absolutely adorable.

Really cute. His feet are this big!

— Rosé and Jennie

What does the owner herself think is Love’s most charming point? It’s how he shows his love for her! Jennie confirmed that Love “goes to [Lisa] first” no matter who calls him.

He comes to me when I call him like this. If I call him like, ‘Mommy, mommy, mommy,’ he comes right away.

— Lisa

Lastly, Lisa made it known that she’s “been trying to plan a meeting between Love and Hank,” Rosé’s pet dog. We can’t wait for this to happen!

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