BLACKPINK’s Lisa Once Made A Joke About Her Hair… And It Ended Up Backfiring

The BLACKPINK members are extremely savage!

The BLACKPINK members can be extremely savage towards each other, as there have been plenty of moments where they have teased each other on camera.

One time, Lisa made a joke about her hair, and it ended up causing the other members to tease her.



During a live broadcast, Rosé and Jennie were massaging Lisa and Jisoo‘s head.

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Lisa then decided to get playful and joked that she didn’t wash her hair. As soon as Lisa said this, everyone stopped what they were doing.

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Despite Lisa saying that it was a joke, the other members decided to tease her a bit. Jennie stated that she would decide if Lisa was joking or not and then sniffed Lisa’s hair. After sniffing Lisa’s hair, Jennie joked that it “smelled”.

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Lisa then stated that she washed her hair in the morning.

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However, Jennie then made another savage comment, as she asked Lisa, “Which morning?“.

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The other members joined in on the teasing, and it eventually concluded with Lisa clarifying that she washed her hair the morning of the live broadcast.

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Here’s the full video below!