BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Making Everyone Feel Soft With The Way She Handed Out Plushies At The AIS Event

So soft!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is already the queen of making everyone feel incredibly soft and just when you thought she couldn’t possibly make your heart feel any fuller, she does just that!


As an endorser for AIS, the largest GSM mobile phone operator in Thailand, of course, Lisa was invited to have some fun with fans at their special 30th-anniversary celebration event! And with plenty of amazing interactions, sweet friendship moments, amazing performances, and more there certainly was a lot of fun going on at the event!


But there was one moment from the event in particular that had everyone feeling the uwu hard! Armed with cute AIS plushies that were holding hearts with Lisa’s name on them, Lisa was ready to start handing out all those plushies to fans in the crowd.


She starting off by leaning down and directly giving the plushies to fans.


Pretty soon, however, she wanted to pass more plushies farther out in the crowd. The problem? She didn’t want to hurt anyone! So what did Lisa do? First, she issued an apology in the direction she was about to toss the plush…


Before sending it ever so gently out into the crowd!


If that wasn’t already absolutely adorable, Lisa amped up the cuteness levels by reacting like this right after her cautious tosses!


Needless to say, everyone is feeling overwhelmed by just how sweet, cute, and soft the moment was!


But that’s Lisa for you! The sweetest, kindest, cutest, and softest person around!