There’s a Male YouTuber Who Looks Just like Lisa

Who is this guy???

There’s a man who dressed up as BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and produced surprising results.

A while back, a YouTuber by the name of QYOUNG uploaded a video of himself putting on makeup to look like BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

In the video, he can be seen imitating the makeup that Lisa wore in “As If It’s Your Last”.

Despite being a man, he showed off his impressive makeup skills to make himself look just like Lisa.

He even imitated Lisa’s double eyelids, cat eyes, and her baby fat.

That’s not all. He also remembered her round nostrils and transformed in a way that surprised all of his viewers.

After completing the look, QYOUNG put on a red wig and a school uniform, and posed like Lisa from “As If It’s Your Last”.

Watch the makeup tutorial below:

Source: Insight