BLACKPINK’s Lisa Knows All About The Memes Fans Make Of Her—Here Are Her Favorite Ones

She loves them!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa knows all about the memes that BLINKs make from her photos and videos!

In an interview to promote iQIYI‘s Youth With You 3 where she is the dance mentor, she discussed everything from the reasons behind her song choices, what her wallpaper is, and more. She also laughingly acknowledged how fans love making memes out of her content.

I just heard about [the memes from my Chinese fans].

— Lisa

Lisa had a number of her memes go viral over the past few years. The most memorable one was likely “Did it work?” where fans on Twitter placed her legs side by side the torsos of anyone and everyone!

Instead of ignoring them or being slightly embarrassed, Lisa revealed that she loves her memes. She likes them so much, in fact, that she can’t help but share some of them with her mom.

I’m a person who likes herself a lot. If I have a meme of myself or a fun picture, I would use it. I would send it to my mom when I’m chatting with her.

— Lisa

But which meme does she use the most often right now? Out of the hundreds on the internet, it’s one of her smiling with her hands clasped that she finds the most versatile.

The one that says ‘Thank you.’

— Lisa

She also loves the “Oops, I did it again!” pose.

And of course, she can’t forget the one with her adorably furious expression!

And the one with the hand gesture on the head saying I’m angry. You know, the cute angry face.

— Lisa

Lisa’s memes are iconic!

Check out the full video below!