BLACKPINK’s Lisa Mixes Up Three Languages In Interviews—And It’s On Purpose

Here’s why she chooses to do it.

In an interview with Woody Show during promotions for “LALISA,” BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was asked if she has ever publicly mixed up languages before.


Without having to think long, she answered that she has mixed them up. As someone fluent in three languages—Thai, Korean, and English—it isn’t surprising that it happens!

According to Lisa, she switches languages on purpose. For example, if she’s speaking Thai and thinks that a Korean or English word would convey her thoughts better, she’ll make the switch.

In my case, even though Thai is my first language, sometimes I can’t find the right Thai word to express my thoughts. I have to use a Korean or English word instead.

— Lisa

It’s never more evident than in candid interviews where her interpreter has it hardest!

When I give interviews, I switch between languages. My interpreter has a hard time.

— Lisa

Lisa then acted out how her interpreters react whenever she switches languages without a moment’s notice. They frantically say, “Okay, okay! My turn! My turn!

Lisa inspires viewers with her mastery of languages! Watch the full interview below to learn more about her.

Source: YouTube