BLACKPINK Lisa’s Mom And Dad Celebrated Her Cat Leo’s Birthday In The Most Adorable Way Ever

It happened while she was abroad.

As one of the most famous people in the world, it goes without saying that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a very busy person. She is always jetting off from one part of the world to another, so it’s inevitable that she misses some important occasions in the lives of those she loves. But not to worry because her parents make sure to celebrate on her behalf!

Lisa with her parents | @chitthipbruschweiler/Instagram

Not too long ago, the “Pink Venom” singer flew to Paris to attend an event for luxury brand CELINE. She treated fans to a vlog of her stay there, unboxing gifts from brands and demonstrating her off-duty makeup routine.

In the video, she mentioned that it was her cat Leo’s birthday the past day and she was upset she couldn’t celebrate it with him.

Leo | @cocobonohotel/Instagram

She passionately apologized to him. “It was Leo’s birthday yesterday. I was in such a rush. I couldn’t say goodbye properly. Our Leo! MAMA IS SORRY!” she cried.

Showing a picture of dog Love, the Thai rapper went on to explain that her mom was lovingly looking after “her babies” in Korea while she was away.

And her parents just proved that they think of Lisa’s pets as their own babies, too! In particular, they made sure to celebrate Leo’s birthday, and it was the cutest thing ever.

In the vlog, Lisa received a text from her mom and was delighted to see that the furry feline was given his own delicious cake, complete with a Happy Birthday topper. “He must have licked it a bit. So cute, ” Lisa gushed.

In a dedicated Instagram post, Lisa’s dad posed adoringly with Leo on his lap, fur all over his shirt and a bright smile on his face. It’s clear that they love Lisa’s cats a lot!

| @chitthipbruschweiler/Instagram

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