BLACKPINK Lisa’s Mom Once Did Something So Heartwarming For Her, She Remembers It Even Until Today

She’s the sweetest!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is undoubtedly close with her mom! Her parents once made an appearance on BLACKPINK House where they shared a fun meal with the girls.


From their interactions, it was clear that the love between the family members was strong.

Their closeness was also seen through snippets of Lisa’s interviews. She explained in an episode of Knowing Bros that she was once able to wear a hanbok as a young girl thanks to the efforts of her mom.

A Pre-Debut Photo of Lisa

It was because of MBC‘s drama Jewel in the Palace that she originally wanted to try one out.

Released in 2003, it follows the story of Jang Geum, an orphaned kitchen cook who worked hard to become the king’s first official female physician. As a kid, Lisa wanted to look just like the actors on screen.

I wore it once before. I loved hanboks back then. Do you remember Jewel in the Palace? The drama was quite popular in Thailand.

— Lisa

Unfortunately, the ready-to-wear hanboks were pricier than Lisa had expected. She and her mom had to return home empty-handed.

I told my mom that I want to wear the costumes in the drama. I went to buy a hanbok with my mom, but it was more expensive than I had imagined.

— Lisa

Her mom didn’t want her hopes to be dashed, however, and so she took it upon herself to sew the hanbok from scratch!

So my mom made one for me.

— Lisa

Luckily for Lisa, she belatedly wore even more hanboks after her debut…

…and she’s as close to her parents as usual!

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