BLACKPINK’s Lisa Once Called Jisoo’s Games “Silly”—So Jisoo Taught Her A Lesson

No one mess with Jisoo 😂

No one dare mess with Jisoo and her games! The BLACKPINK member once had to defend her love of games from Lisa.

In an episode of BLACKPINK HOUSE, one of Lisa’s missions was to wake up her members. When she went inside Jisoo’s room, she saw her playing a game on her phone.

Jisoo likely plays many games because Lisa couldn’t believe she was playing “again”!

You’re playing games again? Seriously! She’s always playing games, so I’m always at her back. I tell her to stop playing.

— Lisa

Not one to feel fazed, Jisoo argued that Lisa shouldn’t complain because she has the right to play games.

In an act of great bravery, Lisa taunted Jisoo by calling her games “silly”.

Jisoo definitely wasn’t having it because she sternly warned Lisa not to repeat her words.

What did you say? I’m warning you. Don’t you ever say this is silly. Got it? Don’t ever say it’s silly. Say it’s good.

— Jisoo

Lisa simply undauntedly repeated that Jisoo’s games are silly. She might have had a death wish!

Luckily, Jisoo let Lisa’s words slide this one time.

Watch the full video below.