BLACKPINK Lisa’s Perfectionism As A Mentor Will Make You Love Her Even More

No wonder she’s such an amazing dancer. It’s all about the details.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been showing a new side of herself through season two of Chinese show Youth With You as a mentor. The fact that she’s paying such close attention to every little detail is making fans fall in love with her even more, causing a clip of it to go viral.

As Lisa was watching a group of female trainees practice their dance routine, she quickly signaled for them to stop, noticing something was off.

It had been due to two of the trainees’ hand movements. One had a closed fist while the other’s was open, “You do this, but you do this.”

After correcting that, Lisa cutely crouched down in front of them, carefully watching them continue with the routine. She was quickly able to spot another point of improvement, moving her hands out in a stopping motion and standing up.

This time, one of the trainees wasn’t in sync with everyone else. They’d been bending their legs when executing a move. Lisa demonstrated the correct way to do it twice, ensuring they could see the difference.

While they were on the right path to perfecting the routine, Lisa noticed one last thing that required a bit of tweaking. Focusing her eyes on the mirror in front of them, she was drawn to a trainee’s movements.

Lisa stated, “You keep messing up.” Although the trainee had been confused, she was right there to help.

While moving her shoulders and counting from five to six, Lisa pointed out how the trainee had been missing the timing, “It’s too slow.” To give them a better idea, she stood up and demonstrated the dance as she counted to emphasize it.

Taking Lisa’s helpful instruction, the trainee was able to match up with the others, making the dance move look as smooth and in sync as it should. She gave them her stamp of approval, nodding in acknowledgment.

Since Lisa can see the smallest details that need improvement, she’s able to point out the things that will make the dance look sharper and more uniform. It seems to be how she makes her own dancing look so fierce and on-point.

See Lisa be the ultimate perfectionist, guiding the trainees on how to put on the best performance they can, down to every single little detail that’ll make them shine even brighter.