BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals If She Prefers Long Or Short Hair

She looks in beautiful both!

It’s undeniable that BLACKPINK’s Lisa can rock any hairstyle she chooses! Whether it’s short or long, tied up or let down, Lisa will always look stunning. Many BLINKs themselves can’t pick which is their favorite hairstyle of Lisa’s. Despite the fans loving her in everything, Lisa revealed her personal opinion and shared whether she prefers having short or long hair.

In her recent interview with Elle Korea, Lisa was asked a series of questions. One of the questions that appeared was, “Short hair vs. Long hair?

Due to her hair always being a hot topic, Lisa has in fact been asked this question in an interview last year (2020). During her interview with Penshoppe TV, Lisa claimed she liked having short hair over long hair. To many’s surprise, Lisa chose short hair as her favorite style. Since the interview with Penshoppe TV was taken last year, fans are curious to know if her opinion has changed or not since then.

During her latest interview with Elle Korea, Lisa seemed to have some change in preference since last year. When asked the question, Lisa replied, “I can’t do both?

We don’t blame her for having a difficult time deciding, she looks stunning in both styles!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Though it’s a tough decision, Lisa ultimately chose short hair once again. Lisa stated, “Yes. I like short hair, short hair.

Who knows, perhaps one day Lisa will choose long hair over short. With the several amazing hairstyles she’s done and has yet to do, anything is possible! Whatever she tries next, she’ll probably look gorgeous!

Check out the video below: