BLACKPINK’s Lisa Roped Rosé Into Trying Out The Disney Character Filter

Rosé didn’t regret it.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé updated her Instagram story with a clip of herself having fun with trying out a new filter. Funnily enough, in the bottom corner of it, she’d written the reason why she decided to try it out in the first place.


It was all thanks to Lisa‘s influence.

Earlier that day, Lisa had updated her own Instagram story with a similar clip. The Disney filter placed a bubble above her head, cycling through characters until it chose one specifically for her. With a smile, Lisa eagerly waited for what she’d get and was cracking up at the outcome.

The characters stopped cycling until they reached Scar, the antagonist of The Lion King. It was such a random choice for Lisa that she immediately burst into laughter when she spotted it. When Rosé tried it out, her reaction was completely different.

As soon as Rosé put the filter on, she didn’t seem to have any expectations, especially with the phrase, “Trying cause of Lisa,” written in the corner. She patiently waited for the choice and was pleasantly surprised with what she’d received.

When it stopped on Cinderella, Rosé gave a tight-lipped smile and wide eyes before zooming in on her face for the funniest expression.


It seems like Rosé didn’t mind following Lisa’s lead to find out the hype about the Disney filter. See them have too much fun with it below. Will you be trying it out for yourself, if you haven’t already?