BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Lisa Reveal A Story From Their “BOOMBAYAH” MV Filming That They’ve Been “Waiting” To Tell

They were waiting for the right moment.

BLACKPINK recently celebrated their fifth year anniversary with a live broadcast. While they were walking down the memory lane, the topic of their music videos came up. After so many years, Lisa and Rosé finally revealed the story they were dying to tell!

In the MV, one of the most memorable parts was the transition in the second verse from Rosé’s “BLACKPINK in your area” to Lisa’s rap. While the final version showed the main vocalist jumping feet first into the inside of the truck, it was slightly different while shooting.

Back to the live broadcast, Lisa couldn’t help but laugh while recounting how the scene was shot.

It’s the truck scene where Chaeyoung fell down backwards.

— Lisa

Rosé agreed that it was definitely memorable! She even demonstrated how carefree her fall to the ground was.

Yeah, I needed to fall backwards and the safety cushions were stacked pretty high. So I just fell down like this. Yeah, that was the funniest part.

— Rosé

Lisa revealed, “She tried many different ways. Her falling backwards just like this was the funniest.”

It’s one reason why “BOOMBAYAH” was so iconic!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their debut music video below.

Source: YouTube