Lisa And Rosé’s Favorite Thai Actress Just Did A Cover Of BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”

BLINKs can’t wait for them to see the cover!

BLINKs couldn’t be happier seeing the latest “Kill This Love” cover, not only because it comes from a fellow BLINK but also because it comes from Lisa and Rosé‘s favorite Thai actress!


Urassaya Sperbund, or Yaya, is well-known in the BLACKPINK fandom as being one of Lisa and Rosé’s all-time favorite actresses. In fact, fans even got to see Rosé express her love for Yaya when she posted a photo next to Yaya’s standee!


Although Yaya did give Rosé a shoutout after seeing the picture, fans have been waiting for more Yaya and BLACKPINK content and it’s finally arrived! Yaya recently performed at the Real Nadech Concert 2019 where she surprised everyone with a very special performance.


At first, she started dancing along to a drumline beat and wowing fans…


But the song quickly transitioned into BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” making the crowd go absolutely wild!


As Yaya sang, rapped, and danced her way through the song she left everyone breathless and wanting more!


In addition to her amazing performance, Yaya also posted some behind-the-scenes photos to her Instagram with a captioning declaring her BLINK status!


Her fellow BLINKs have been absolutely loving her cover of the song and think she totally killed it!


Now let’s cross our fingers for more Yaya, Lisa, and Rosé content in the future! Check out Yaya’s amazing cover in the fancam below.