BLACKPINK’s Lisa Brought Rosé’s Dog, Hank, To “Youth With You 3″—And It Was Cuteness Overload

It’s Hank’s debut in a Chinese show!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa had a very special guest when she filmed Episode 15 of Youth With You 3! As the sole dance mentor of the Chinese survival program, she critiques the trainees’ performances each round alone.

Due to the complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, she can’t mentor them in person. Instead, she usually films for the show in the new YG Entertainment building. No one has joined her so far…until now.

This time, when cameras were rolling, she had Hank with her! He’s the new dog of her fellow BLACKPINK member and best friend, Rosé. The main vocalist describes him as a “special breed” who was born in 2020.

The trust between Rosé and Lisa is real. If you really strain your ears, you could even vaguely hear Rosé say, “Take care” before leaving the room with her beloved pet in Lisa’s care.

Like a true animal lover, she was gentle with Hank, hugging him close as he sat comfortably on her lap.

When trainee Wang Nanjun (Krystian Wang) entered the room, he was not immune to the pup’s charms. He gushed over Hank right away, “Oh, so cute!”

While Nanjun demonstrated his version of “Bamboo,” Hank remained in Lisa’s arms!

This isn’t the first time fans saw Lisa bonding with the dog. Rosé once posted a photo on Hank’s Instagram account showing off the gift her friend gave him.

Aunt Lisa said “You’re an icon Hank!” so I’m an icon. Thank you for the cool cap Aunt Lisa.

— Rosé

| @hank_says_hank/Instagram

They prove that a best friend’s furbaby is your furbaby as well!


Source: Instagram