BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wants To Give Rosé Some String As A Present, Here’s Why

Rosé has a bad “habit.”

During BLACKPINK‘s recent Twitter Blueroom LIVE, the members were asked what they would gift to the member sitting next to them, and Lisa had a unique answer about what she would get Rosé.


Lisa shared that Rosé tends to lose her phone a lot and that the members always have to help her find it. Due to the number of times they’ve had to do this, Lisa shared that the members are getting a little “tired” of Rosé losing her phone all the time.

Lisa then shared that she wants to buy Rosé some string so that she never loses her phone again.

However, Rosé surprised Lisa when she revealed that she already has the string Lisa was talking about and that she still lost her phone!

After Rosé revealed this, Lisa stated that she wanted to get her a string that was pretty.

Jennie then suggested that Rosé should tie her phone to a dumbbell so that she never loses it, which caused the members to laugh.

Here’s the full video below!


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