BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals She Can’t Resist Buying One Specific Type Of Cute Item

Her answer is so wholesome 🥺

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa once revealed that she can’t resist adding items to her shopping cart, especially when it comes to one specific type of item!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

In a video called “How Well Does BLACKPINK Know Each Other?” on Netflix Film Club‘s YouTube channel, the BLACKPINK members were asked to answer the question “Who is most likely to go shopping and end up buying everything other than what they intended to buy?” 

| Netflix Film Club/YouTube

The other 3 members voted for Lisa, and Lisa voted for Jennie. Rosé actually voted for both Lisa and Jennie!

Jisoo explained that she and Rosé think about what they need to buy before they go shopping, and they purchase only what they intended to buy.

Lisa and Jennie, however, find other things they like while shopping and buy them, too.

Jennie and Lisa both revealed that they have a hard time saying no to cute items while they’re shopping.

While Lisa loves cute stuff for herself, she revealed that she has the hardest time saying no to cute stuff for her cats!

“I can’t. I just can’t control myself.” | Netflix Film Club/YouTube  

Lisa’s answer proves just what a great and caring cat mom she is!

Check out the full “How Well Does BLACKPINK Know Each Other?” video below!