BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is So Scared Of Ghosts, She Relies On Several Methods To Sleep At Night

Let’s be real, many of us can relate 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa may be one of the toughest idols on stage…

…but she also has a more vulnerable side to her—one that’s scared of ghosts!

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In an exclusive Thai interview with Woody, Lisa revealed that she isn’t just slightly afraid of them, she’s very afraid of them.

The interviewer wondered how she’s able to sleep at night if that’s the case.

How do you sleep at night?

— Woody

Lisa devised several methods to feel safer at night, and the first is her very own adorable cats! She shared that they keep her company and help her sleep well.

My cats keep me company.

— Lisa

Another method that she relies on is keeping her lights on. According to Lisa, she can’t sleep if the lights are off. That’s why she always leaves the bathroom light on.

I need to keep my bathroom light on. I can’t really sleep with the lights off.

— Lisa

If the lights have to be off, however, she listens to music to help her fall asleep.

If the lights are off, I’ll turn on some music or else I can’t sleep.

— Lisa

In the same interview, Lisa also gushed over her lovely cats. Read more about it below!

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