All About Self-Love: BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reveals The 4+ Things She Does To Treat Herself Despite Her Busy Schedule

She also told fans, “Love and just be yourself.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has words of wisdom for her fans! In an interview with Philippine clothing brand Penshoppe, she shared words of encouragement to her viewers.

As the collection was all about self-love, she told fans, “Love and just be yourself. You are already perfect the way you are, so I hope you have respect for yourself.”

She revealed the numerous things she does to show herself some love. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes sure to spend time with her loved ones. The latest apple of her eye is none other than her newest kitten, Lego.

I try to spend good quality time with my baby cats, even if it’s a short time.

— Lisa

Other things she does to take care of herself include eating delicious food and buying the items she likes.

I try to give myself treats after a hard day at work. Having good food, buying stuff that I always wanted, taking a day off, and so on. It helps me relax and show that I care for myself.

— Lisa

To her, self love is “to accept and embrace myself the way I am.” As such, she plans on devoting more time to her hobbies so she can continue growing in the future.

Keep learning whatever it is that I love. Photography or dance or many new languages.

— Lisa

Food, shopping, rest, cats, and photography—Lisa definitely leads a balanced life! For more words of wisdom, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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