BLACKPINK Lisa Shows A Harsh Side We Never Knew Existed While Critiquing Trainees On “Youth With You”

Who knew Lisa could be so scary?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been doing an amazing job as dance mentor on Youth With You, but one thing that has fans shocked is just how tough she’s being on the participants.

On the most recent episode of the show, one group of trainees insisted to Lisa that they practiced the day before showcasing their performance to her. But from the start of their dance, Lisa was already frowning.

Partway through, Lisa signaled to the staff to cut the music, clearly unhappy with what she’d seen.

Once the trainees had stopped dancing, she was quick to point out where they went wrong on such a simple move.

I don’t have any comments. You didn’t do this [move] right. All of you. This is so easy. Why can’t you just do it right?

— Lisa

And that wasn’t the only time Lisa was tough on the trainees. She had the same responses to participants from other groups who were getting the moves wrong.

What’s wrong with you? You danced wrong.

— Lisa

Even after the trainee apologized, Lisa remained strict.

You don’t have to be sorry to me. You have to be sorry to your friends. If you can’t dance it right, I won’t give you a pass.

— Lisa

Dancing wasn’t the only thing Lisa critiqued. She had a lot to say about one trainee’s stage presence too.

And I told you to smile. Why didn’t you smile? I told you to smile, but you just ignored my word, and you just…

— Lisa

Fans watching the show were shocked to see Lisa giving the trainees such a blunt critique. Since Lisa is usually so positive, most expected she’d be sugar-coating her comments—but that’s far from what happened.

I need to say, everyone has to push themselves harder… This isn’t okay… If you can’t do it, you can go home.

— Lisa

But Lisa wasn’t just being harsh on the participants for no reason. She says that this is how she makes sure the trainees pick up the moves as quickly and as accurately as possible.

I think if we don’t pay attention to details since the beginning, we’d fall into the loop of keeping on practicing it wrongly… So, every trainee should pay attention to details, and they can’t just do things as they like.

— Lisa

It’s not easy to succeed in the idol industry, which is why Lisa is already pushing the participants to do push themselves and aspire to be better.

I won’t be tender, I can’t. No matter how hard it is, [they have] to do it.

— Lisa

Of course, criticism would be nothing without teaching. After telling the trainees where they went wrong, Lisa made sure to show them how to do the choreography correctly like the stellar dance mentor she is.

Ultimately, while this is definitely a new side to Lisa, BLINKs are happy to see her pushing the boundaries to do the best job she can.