BLACKPINK’s Lisa Became Shy When A “Youth With You 3” Trainee Auditioned To Be On Her Team

She wanted to collab with him!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa isn’t shy to let people know about her favorites! As the dance mentor of Youth With You 3, she’s seen and praised many trainees with exceptional skills. One of them, however, stands out above the rest.

Duan XingXing, also known as X, is a contestant from M-Nation whom Lisa has praised since the beginning.

For the mentor collaboration portion of the show, the Top 35 trainees auditioned in front of their mentors of choice to join their teams. When Lisa was asked whom she wanted to audition for her group, she whispered, “XingXing.”

He showed up just a little while later, and from Lisa’s expression, it was obvious that she was pleased!

XingXing explained why he wanted to dance with her, saying “I’ve gotten so much encouragement from you since I entered ‘Youth With You 3.’ I like you very much.”

He was such a big fan, he named Lisa as his ultimate favorite mentor.

Lisa: Do you want to try going to other rooms? Have you tried going to other rooms?

XingXing: Mentor Lisa, you’re my one-pick.

Lisa joked that he was a liar, but he stood his ground!

XingXing was so confident that Lisa would accept him into her small team of five, he had no backup plan. There were no other mentors that he wanted to collaborate with.

Lisa: If you don’t make it here, where will yo go?

XingXing: I will definitely make it into Mentor Lisa’s team. No other options.

She was so impressed with his answer, she immediately accepted him into her team.

Okay, I will make your style fit this song as much as possible.

— Lisa

It was a sure choice for her!

Earlier in the episode, Lisa even joked that she liked XingXing better than THE9 member Lu Keran, one of her favorites from the previous season.

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