BLACKPINK’s Lisa Emphasizes The Only Solution To Help Trainees Perfect Their Group Dance

They asked for her advice.

As the dance mentor of iQIYI‘s survival program Youth With You 3, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is there to help the trainees improve their dancing. She also gives advice on their general performance, especially when they specifically ask for it.

In the behind-the-scenes video of the “STAND” class before the team battle, trainee Zheng Xingyuan wondered how to make his group more cohesive. They faced issues adjusting to the difficult choreography with new team mates.

Mentor Lisa, I have a question. We have never worked together on this before. So how can we become more united in a short amount of time? Because our skills are quite different. If we all do it the same way, we might not be able to get the same result.

— Zheng Xingyuan

Lisa did not mince words when she replied, “Honestly, other than practicing, there are no other tips.” Based on her experience, practice really does make everything perfect.

She expounded on how important it is to work with a goal in mind.

You need to know how much force you should give. How should you give it?

— Lisa

Lisa suggested that the trainees communicate well on their specific points for improvement.

You need to talk about it. And practice together.

— Lisa

The team left with lighter hearts knowing what to do moving forward, and Lisa wished them luck on their way out.

They took Lisa’s words to heart and successfully delivered their performance!

Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube