BLACKPINK’s Lisa Spills On A New Direction For Her YouTube Channel

The dance videos aren’t going anywhere, but she’s working on something new.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa‘s YouTube channel Lilifilm is a favorite among fans, from her dance videos that rack up millions of views to brief clips of the group’s travels overseas.

During an interview with Vogue Korea, Lisa opened up on what she plans to do next with her channel.

Curious to find out, the magazine asked what her next upload would be. Lisa teased everyone by saying, “It’s a secret,” followed by laughing brightly. She soon admitted it wasn’t much of a secret.

At first, Lisa didn’t seem to want to reveal too many details about it, for fear of spoiling too much. She said, “It’s not really a secret, but I do have plans. I’ve been putting it off, though.”

When specifically asked if the future uploads had anything to do with more dancing videos, Lisa hesitated. With a smile, she cutely scrunched up her face and confessed, “It’s both.” She then opened up just a bit of what she has planned.

The dance videos that everyone loves won’t be going away. In her future uploads, she’ll still be including them but adding something new as well, “Dance and my daily life with the members.”

Since Lisa has already shared moments between her and the members while traveling, getting an in-depth look at their daily lives together would be even more of a treat for BLINKs.

Watch Lisa spill just a few details about her new upcoming YouTube content here. Are you excited about the new direction of the channel?