Fans Thought BLACKPINK’s Lisa Spoiled A Move For “MONEY”—And They Were Right

She couldn’t believe she spoiled it!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa released her solo debut album, LALISA, on September 10. Only the choreography for her title track of the same name was revealed through the music video and several live performances.

Lisa had another song that caught the attention of many: “MONEY.” A hiphop track composed by YG Entertainment producers 24, Bekuh Boom, Vince, and R.Tee, it quickly became a cult favorite. Fans immediately wanted to see its choreography. Lisa teased before its release that although “LALISA” and “MONEY” are similar in difficulty, the latter may look harder.

In a September 14 interview for OUTNOW Unlimited, she unconsciously gave fans a spoiler for the choreography of “MONEY” by dancing along as it played in the background. A video catching her moves and surprised expression quickly went viral online.

A few days later on September 23, the performance video for “MONEY” was released—and fans were right that her spoiler was part of the official choreography! She revealed a move for the line “That’s that sh*t that’s never getting bounced on ya” which was identical to the dance in the second verse.

It was a spoiler that was well-worth the wait!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the exclusive performance video below!

Source: YouTube