BLACKPINK’s Lisa Spotted The Mona “Lisa” At A Concert And Her Reaction Was Perfect

It was obvious the exact moment she caught sight of it!

An iconic painting full of mystery and intrigue, the Mona Lisa has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts and historians for years but the Mona Lisa recently got turned into the Mona “Lisa” and its instantly captured everyone’s heart including BLACKPINK Lisa‘s!


So far, all of the stops on BLACKPINK’s “In Your Area” tour have been incredibly memorable. BLACKPINK not only left fans gasping for breath with their performances, but all of the other moments and interactions were incredibly special.


Adding onto the already amazing moments from their concerts, when BLACKPINK stopped in Fort Worth, Texas recently there was one moment in particular that brought a smile to everyone’s face!


During one part of the show, each of the members was spread out to greet fans when Lisa spotted a BLINK, Adam Janitra, wearing a t-shirt that was familiar in more than one way! The shirt had a print of the Mona Lisa on it but with Lisa’s own face printed on it!


The original portrait with Lisa’s face on it was created back in February by artist Indra Hakim and while the work of art is already amazing enough on its own and on a shirt…

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Monday Lisa #ayeaye

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It was even more special to see Lisa’s own reaction to it! Because as soon as Lisa saw it, she stopped and did the same pose as the Mona Lisa!


His fellow BLINKs have been absolutely loving his shirt as well as Lisa’s reaction to it!


The Mona “Lisa” was perfection just like the muse behind it!