BLACKPINK’s Lisa Suggested A Name For Rosé’s Stuffed Toy, And Rosé Was Completely Offended

Can you guess the name?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Rosé are as close as sisters, so there’s no filter between them when it comes to their conversations! Even if it means offending Rosé just a little bit, the maknae is fine with it as long as she’s happy.

Their close friendship was seen in the sixth episode of BLACKPINK Diaries when the girls rode an airplane for one of their schedules. Rosé and Lisa sat beside each other during the trip, and it was here when the former introduced her favorite stuffed toy.

While noting that it doesn’t yet have a name, Rosé explained just how attached she is to the cute animal.

She doesn’t have a name. I cuddle her on planes and at hotels.

— Rosé

Lisa was baffled that the important stuffed animal was nameless: “You should give her a name!”

Lisa didn’t hesitate to name it on the spot—and it was completely in her character.

Fart. How do you like “Fart”?

— Lisa

From Rosé’s gasp, it was obvious that she was offended.

That makes her sound like she smells! What if people think she smells?

— Rosé

Lisa had a ready answer to that, although it was a bit…unconventional.

Farts can have a nice scent.

— Lisa

Stating that, “There’s no such thing”, Rosé turned down Lisa’s nickname suggestion. The maknae then proposed “James” but it was too manly for the main vocal. When it comes to naming, Lisa has the most unique but relatively unusable ones!

To see more of their antics, check out the full video below!