BLACKPINK Lisa’s Surprising Secrets For Losing Weight And Maintaining Her Slim Figure

Everyone was completely blown away by her answer.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is recognized for her thin body in the world of K-pop.

Her figure often has others wondering how she maintains such a petite physique.

During her time as a judge on YouthWithYou, the other judges beg the question of how Lisa maintains her perfect figure.

However, Lisa revealed some information that shocked both the judges and viewers.

I don’t, like, diet.

— Lisa

Lisa explained that she does Pilates which helps to improve flexibility, core and muscular strength, and endurance. It is a well-rounded form of exercise that is quite popular amongst K-Pop celebrities.

Being an idol, she has long practice hours every day and is constantly dancing. She is so active that she doesn’t really need to focus on dieting.

It makes sense that Lisa’s figure is a result of dedicated exercise since her physique is not only slim but toned as well.

Watch Lisa’s full explanation below!