BLACKPINK’s Lisa Taps Into Her “Scary” Mentor Side To Help Somi

Somi wanted her help: “You’re working as the scary teacher, right?”

With Somi working hard to finalize all the preparations for her comeback in the season finale of I Am Somi, there was one area where she was having a bit of trouble: choreography. Since BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been a mentor on season two of Youth With You, Somi knew who to turn to for advice.

When Lisa visited her during a studio session with Teddy, Somi asked for help. Ready to pull up a video of it on her phone, she said, “I have my dance. You’re working as the scary teacher, right?”

Lisa got right into character. She cracked her knuckles and rolled her neck, preparing to become serious. They both laughed, with Somi even making an exaggerated serious face of what she imagined Lisa looked like. They soon got right down to business, though.

Lisa was excited to finally take a look at the choreography Somi had been working on. Living up to the “scary” title, she watched the clip with a serious expression, entirely focused on the dancing. She hadn’t seen anything negative to comment on, “Oh! It’s good!” There was one suggestion she made.

After viewing another video of the revised choreography with that same serious expression, Lisa compared the two at Somi’s request. That’s when she came up with the idea of using them both, “Can’t you make the first verse and the second verse differently? At the start, do the original one. Do the back part like this.”

Using a fresh set of eyes and her experience, Lisa was able to come up with a solution to the problem she’d been having. Somi loved the idea, amazed she’d suggested it, “Wow. That’s good too.”

Trainees aren’t the only people who receive a bit of guidance from Lisa. Watch her help Somi choose the perfect choreography for her comeback here. If you want to see more of her process, check out the rest of the episodes of I Am Somi. She’s even teased a season two.