Thai Fans Of BLACKPINK Do One Specific Thing Best In The World, According To Lisa

Good job, Thai BLINKs!

In the 17th episode of BLACKPINK‘s “B.P.M Roll” series which follows their BORN PINK world tour journey, the girls came to Thailand (January 7-8) and Hong Kong (January 13-14) to perform. The former was an especially meaningful visit as member Lisa is Thai.


Scenes throughout their days there were shown, such as their plans to eat local food, their antics on stage, and Lisa’s excited dance to be “back home.”

Afterwards, she sat down in front of the camera and shared her thoughts on coming home to perform in front of her fellow countrymen.

Hello Thai BLINKs! I’m so happy to have a concert in my home country after a long time.

— Lisa

She admitted that she was actually “emotional” behind the smile that she wore on stage. Seeing her Thai fans cheering for her in the place where she grew up was a dream come true.

Honestly, I got very emotional but I tried really hard not to cry.

— Lisa

Lisa added that Thai BLINKs do one thing better than the rest: the lightstick wave. Among all of their fans in the world, theirs is the most memorable.

Remember our lightstick wave? We do it with our BLINKs everywhere we go. Thailand was the best at it.

— Lisa

She was so amazed at them, she reiterated her thoughts. The BLACKPINK dancer added that she always knew they would do well.

The best. I knew it.

— Lisa

Check out the full video below to see what else the members did in Thailand and Hong Kong!

Source: YouTube