Here’s What BLACKPINK’s Lisa Thinks Of When She Sees Her Trainee Videos

“Whenever I see those videos…”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is now one of the most popular K-Pop idols in history, but she was once a young trainee who was unsure of what the future held.

Lisa for “LALISA” | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
Lisa pre-debut

In an interview with Billboard, Lisa was asked what goes through her mind when she sees pre-debut videos of herself.

Between Light Up The Sky and this year’s Blackpink: The Movie, released in celebration of the group’s fifth anniversary, you’ve been reflecting a lot on your life before and after debuting with BLACKPINK. What goes through your mind when you see footage of yourself as a trainee?

— Billboard

Lisa revealed that she immediately thinks of how she felt at that time and how hard she worked to reach her current success.

Whenever I see those videos, I just get reminded of what I was feeling at the time, and obviously I’m reminded of how hard I worked to get where I am now.

— Lisa

As a trainee, she always told herself that she had to push herself to the limit to be able to debut. The videos are a simple reminder of the feelings and thoughts she fostered for many years.

Back then, when I was a trainee and preparing all that, I did it with this mindset of, ‘I can’t debut unless I work really really hard.’ So when I look back on those videos, I remember those feelings and those thoughts.

— Lisa

She promised to never forget the feelings of determination she had back then. With that in mind, she reminds herself of her past every single day.

I get reminded: That’s how far I’ve come, and I shouldn’t forget that determination I was feeling at the time. I remind myself of that every day.

— Lisa

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa’s resolve to never forget her roots is one of the greatest things about her! Watch one of her incredible pre-debut dance videos here:

Source: Billboard