BLACKPINK’s Lisa Thought She Discovered A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

As soon as she heard chocolate, she was interested, “Chocolate noodles?”

Through the second season of Youth With You, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is not only teaching trainees how to improve their skills, but she’s learning new things as well.

In the middle of a break, one of the other hosts introduced her to an idea that sounded too good to be true for someone who likes chocolate as much as Lisa does.

Ella repeated the name one of the teams called themselves, “They’re Anhei Liaoli.” Unsure whether or not Lisa had heard the phrase before, she asked to make sure.

Lisa hadn’t. She shook her head with a confused look, instantly becoming curious about it. She asked a question of her own, “What’s that?”

After a bit of confusion, Ella tried to translate what it meant, going with a literal translation, “Black, dark food.” She then delved a little deeper.

There wasn’t just one name for the food; there were many different names for it. She gave an example, “Like chocolate noodles.”

While many would be wary of trying such a food, Lisa was the opposite. She was down to try it, “Yeah.” Her response shocked Ella, making her point out how the taste would be both “salty and sweet.”

That didn’t phase Lisa. She would try it just to get a taste of chocolate, “Sounds good.” Ella hadn’t been specifically referring to chocolate, though. Upon realizing something was off, Lisa questioned everything, “What’s chocolate noodle?”

Instead of chocolate noodles, Ella had meant to translate it as “wicked cuisine” or food combinations that people wouldn’t normally put together, like chocolate and noodles.

While chocolate noodles aren’t real, it’s funny to know that Lisa would be willing to try the odd combination. After all, sometimes the weirdest things end up tasting the best.

Watch Ella unknowingly persuade Lisa into thinking chocolate noodles were a real thing she was looking forward to trying. Would you taste it at least once?