Lisa Became The Top Trending Topic On Weibo…By Combing Her Hair

Lisa’s hair game is strong!

A few days ago, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa started trending on Weibo. She quickly took over the trending section and soon enough she was trending at no. 1, and it was all because she combed her hair!


Lisa has been known to whip out a comb from seemingly nowhere just to give her bangs a quick comb.


Throughout the years, she’s been spotted on multiple occasions doing it…


And fans always find it incredibly endearing!


Although Lisa hasn’t broken out her comb in a while, on April 5, the topic “Lisa carries along a comb to comb her bangs” took over Weibo!


While many BLINKs may not know the exact reason why this particular topic began trending, they do think it might have something to do with her flawless bang game this comeback!


Whatever the reason, Lisa, her bangs, and her legendary comb always deserve to trend!


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