BLACKPINK’s Lisa “Triggered” The Other Members When She Gave Her Opinion About Monthly Evaluation Tests

Rosé didn’t even know how to react.

In the fifth episode of BLACKPINK‘s reality show 24/365 With BLACKPINK, the members talked about their trainee days and some of the hardships they endured

The members shocked the staff and viewers when they revealed that their past dorm had been infested with cockroaches and centipedes.

During their conversation, Lisa made a statement on how she enjoyed the monthly evaluation tests they did when they were trainees.

This shocked the other BLACKPINK members, as they didn’t agree with her statement.


Rosé even asked Lisa to repeat her statement.

Lisa then had to explain herself due to the other members disagreeing with her so much. She stated that she enjoyed the preparation of the monthly evaluation tests and that while it was stressful, it was still an enjoyable time.

However, the other members didn’t respond much when Lisa changed her statement.

Here’s the full video below!