BLACKPINK’s Lisa, TXT’s Soobin, And More Idols Put Stylish Twists On The Same Cardigan

Each idol’s personal touches showcased their unique styles.

As soon as clothing and accessories hit the runway, idols are quick to get them in their possession and use them in looks that are sure to make headlines. When it came to one CELINE cardigan, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin, DAY6‘s Young K, and TXT‘s Soobin each showed off their individual styles in it.

The blue and red cardigan was an item from CELINE’s Spring 2021 “The Dancing Kid” collection. It’s called the “Loose Cardigan In Embroidered Wool And Alpaca Wool,” made in Italy, and priced at $2,450 USD. If you want to get your hands on the item, it’s already sold out. Instead, here’s how the four idols put their own twist on the look.

Loose Cardigan | CELINE

As the ambassador for the french brand, Lisa was seen wearing the cardigan while filming for SBS‘s Inkigayo. Rather than going with a look similar to the runway one, the idol wore it cinched at the waist with a jeweled belt. The dark pants and shirt she wore made the cardigan’s color stand out more, especially with the simple accessories.


Young K took inspiration from the runway look but made it his own. Layering a light denim shirt underneath the cardigan that matched his loose jeans, the colors paired nicely together. With the colorful design on his t-shirt, Young K’s look was the perfect balance between laid-back rockstar and put-together boyfriend.

DAY6’s Young K | Naver

From the cardigan, plaid shirt, and white t-shirt, Soobin took the look straight from the runway. Wearing fitted black shorts to show off his muscular legs and artsy sneakers with pops of blue and pink, he made the look all his own. He turned the carefree look into one that’s effortlessly chic.

TXT’s Soobin

Although Jaemin wore the same shirt combo as the runway model, he served a completely different look from Soobin’s. With a chunky gold chain and multiple necklaces with fun shapes, he checked off the playful vibe of the group’s track “Hot Sauce”. The checkered sneakers contrasted nicely with the plaid and placed the look right in between casual and chic.

NCT DREAM’s Jaemin | @NCTsmtown_DREAM

Even though they’ve all worn the same cardigan, all it takes is a personal touch to change the entire look. Which styles could you see yourself rocking?

Source: Celine