BLACKPINK’s Lisa Went to LA and Graced Her Fans’ Eyes with Her Mannequin Figure

She doesn’t even have to try.

BLACKPINK is currently in the States, and Lisa made sure to share her experiences with her fans by posting photos of herself enjoying attractions such as Universal Studios and the Santa Monica beach.

She’s been uploading regularly, and the one thing the photos all have in common is her gorgeous figure that can’t help but stand out wherever she goes.

At the beginning of her trip, Lisa shared photos of herself by the Santa Monica beach where she looked absolutely stunning in a shirt that showed off her thin waist.

Despite her outfit being pretty low-key and casual, she still looks like she’s on a runway due to her outstanding beauty.

In some of the other photos, she could be seen enjoying Universal Studios dressed in wizard wear.

It’s clear she wasn’t trying to show off her figure here, but her mannequin-like body still manages to stand out no matter what she wears.


The look on her face conveys just how much she’s been enjoying LA, and that’s a relief since BLACKPINK has a very busy schedule up ahead due to their huge North American tour this spring.

Check out some more gorgeous shots of Lisa in LA below:

Source: Dispatch