“Lisa x Walkie Talkie” Might Be The Best BLACKPINK Ship Ever

The staff gave Lisa a walkie talkie to play with. This is what happened.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is making fans fall for her all over again by being the brightest ball of sunshine you’ve ever seen.


It’s already impossible to resist Lisa’s charm, but give her a walkie talkie and it’s game “over”!


In Episode 8 of BLACKPINK Diaries, a staff member let Lisa play with a walkie talkie. She teased the staff members who were on the receiving end by saying “You guys, Lisa is going on stage“.


She also sent words of encouragement then eagerly awaited a response.


At first, nobody answered…


…but when they did, Lisa was overjoyed!


The director who had answered Lisa totally touched her head when he added, “I love you”. 


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