BLACKPINK’s Lisa, WINNER’s Mino, And Olivia Rodrigo All Wore The Same Coat But Served Totally Different Vibes

They all make it look so good! 🔥🔥🔥

When thinking about fashion and music, BLACKPINK‘s LisaWINNER‘s Mino, and teen pop star Olivia Rodrigo are all names that come to mind. The trio are all beloved by major fashion houses and sought out by legendary designers to wear the latest looks. Inevitably, the three of them would all end up in the same garment, but who knew they could all pull it off so uniquely?

Olivia Rodrigo, Lisa, and Mino on their different covers of Elle Magazine. | & & @yg_winnercity/Twitter

This past fall, Celine released multiple fierce new garments for their Fall/Winter 2021 collection. One of those garments was the Menswear Zebra Collar Coat, which was re-released online as simply the Long Overcoat. The current retail price is $3,950 USD.

Long Overcoat |

The first to appear in the coat was Olivia Rodrigo for V Magazine on August 26. She rocked the jacket in a black and white photo where she gave off her most punk rock energy.

Olivia Rodrigo |

Lisa was the next one seen in the coat on September 15 for her OUTNOW photobook interview to promote her solo debut, “Lalisa”.

Where Olivia Rodrigo was punk vibes, the muse of Celine herself gave off professional energy. The way Lisa wore the coat screamed “CEO”.

By pairing the coat with a simple black button-up and black slacks, Lisa gave the main garment a chance to shine on its own.

The final person spotted in the coat was Mino in the teaser for the 10th season of Show Me The Money, which went up on Mnet‘s YouTube channel on September 24.

Where Lisa was a boss, and Olivia was a rocker, Mino brought his authentic hiphop energy to the look. With a fancy collared shirt and sunglasses, Mino intimidated some of the other producers for the season with his style alone.

This trio was impressively able to make this one coat look so different to suit their various needs. What do you think about this coat? Let us know!

Same Fit, Different Vibes