BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has Something She Wants WINNER’s Hoony To Know About His Tendency To Remove His Shirt In Public

She’s a candid friend!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has a public service announcement for her friend!


She recently sat down for an interview on the YouTube channel of WINNER‘s Hoony (also known as Seunghoon). She answered all sorts of questions about him, ranging from what she thinks of him (“He’s a con artist“) to what she suspects he’ll do on his channel (“Dance?“)

She and Hoony have been friends since their trainee days and continue to hang out both in front of the camera and behind it.

Lisa and Hoony | @maetamong/Instagram

Because they were friends for so long, they’re not afraid to drop some truth bombs about each other. This is exactly what Lisa did during her interview.

When asked what advice his friends would give him, Lisa wholeheartedly agreed with producer Airplay‘s words to tone down his tendency to remove his shirt in public. She exclaimed, “So we all think the same!”

Airplay, WINNER’s Jinu and HOOK‘s Aiki expounded on the same thoughts that ran through her head.

Airplay: He takes his shirt off just about everywhere.

Aiki: I have a family too…why would I want to see that!

Jinu: He needs to restrain himself a bit…

Lisa joked that he has no conscience about going shirtless during many live stage performances. She believed that he had no idea about his friend’s thoughts.

Does he know it’s wrong?

— Lisa

She punctuated it with a final sentence: “That’s the problem.”

Check out the full video below to see more of their inside jokes!

Source: YouTube
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