BLACKPINK’s Lisa Faced The Ultimate Dilemma When Choosing Between Two “Youth With You 3” Trainees

She could only choose one.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa had to choose only five out of 35 trainees to share the stage with her in Youth With You 3‘s “Mentor Collaboration” performance, one of the most highly anticipated parts of the show especially for the contestants themselves.

They had the chance to partner up with industry giants who specialize in vocals, rap, dance, and all of the above. Of course, many trainees wanted to be in the same team as Lisa!

X dancing to Lisa’s song choice “Kick Back” | iQIYI

Though several tried their luck by freestyling to the song, only five ultimately made it in. Those with higher ranks had the advantage as they could market themselves to Lisa first.

After Lian Huaiwei, Kingston, Liu Jun, and Duan Xingxing (X) were accepted into “the Lisa family,” it was down to one member left. Even if Liu Guanyou (Neil) entered the room first, Lisa still wanted to give Wang Nanjun (Krystian) a chance to try out. He did his best especially since he was faced with a once in a lifetime collaboration with his favorite idol.

At the end of it, Lisa pleaded with the director to allow her to extend her team from five to six so as to accommodate both Neil and Krystian.

Oh no, can I have six people? Can I have six people? Director, can I have six people?

— Lisa

Both of the contestants are known for their strong dancing skills, making Lisa’s problem even more pronounced.

Since it wasn’t allowed, she had to choose just one, picking Neil in the end: “I don’t want to upset anyone. I want to take you both in. I’ll have Neil.”

Krystian was the one who consoled her, saying that he’ll always be her fan despite no matter what.

Krystian: It’s okay, Lisa. Thank you.

Lisa: This is so hard for me.

Krystian: You are my idol. I’ll like you as always. It’s a pity this time. It’s okay.

Luckily, he ended up being immediately accepted into the group of Chinese superstar G.E.M!

Singer G.E.M. | iQIYI

Check out the full video below.

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