BLACKPINK’s Lisa Proudly Shows Off Her BLACKPINK Lightsticks In “Youth With You 3”

She loves them!

What BLACKPINK‘s Lisa wants, she gets!


In Episode 14 of Youth With You 3, the trainees were separated into two teams, A and B. They went head-to-head as they battled using the same song, with the mentors picking their favorite teams and trainees.

To keep in line with the festive and competitive atmosphere, the top 60 contestants had balloons, toy clappers, and more to help them cheer for each other.

Lisa could not travel to China due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but she was able to join live through a video call. As soon as she saw the trainees and mentors, she asked why she had none of their props.

Why don’t I have one? Why don’t I have one?

— Lisa

Rap mentor Will Pan jokingly suggested postponing the filming for a few days in order to send Lisa her own gear.

Do you need one? Is it too late to mail her one now? Let’s film this two days later.

— Will Pan

Though it couldn’t happen, Lisa didn’t stay alone for long! Decorating her table were two official BLACKPINK lightsticks. She couldn’t help but show them off happily, waving them around.

The audience, many of whom are her fans, recognized the object right away, and they noted that it was “Lisa’s hammer” and “Lisa’s prop.”

Lisa was the proudest BLINK at that moment!

Check out the full video below!