A “Youth With You 3” Mentor Revealed He Has BLACKPINK Lisa’s Number, And Everyone Was Jealous

So lucky!

In Episode 15 of iQIYI‘s survival program Youth With You 3, the trainees played a version of “Never Have I Ever” with vocal mentor Li Ronghao.

They did their best to bring up unique facts about themselves that others couldn’t relate to. Ding revealed exactly how much he weighed when he was at his heaviest: “My weight was once over 165 kg (363 lbs).”

BoogieFish leveraged on being one of the oldest contestants: “I have had my 29th birthday. I just turned 29.”

Yang Haoming remembered the time he lost a whopping 22 kg (48 lbs) in a short amount of time.

Everyone had high expectations for “Humble Bragging” king Wang Nanjun who is known for his confidence and life experiences. As a member of the international group Now United, he was able to give examples of his global popularity.

I’ve been on a tour to 24 countries.

— Wang Nanjun

As soon as they heard him, the others claimed that “You can’t beat that.” The last contestant for the game, IKELILI, gave Nanjun a run for his money by saying, “I have Chris PD’s WeChat” in reference to their Youth Representative and one of China’s most famous celebrities, Chris Lee.

The other trainees loudly let their jealousy be known, but they were in for an even bigger surprise when Li Ronghao started speaking! He didn’t have any mercy on them and he definitively won the game with one sentence.

I have Lisa’s WeChat number.

— Li Ronghao

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the dance mentor of Youth With You 3 and the idol of many trainees!

As such, it was no surprise that the room immediately exploded with shouts from the Top 60 trainees! Many leaped from their seats and exclaimed in surprise, with some even falling to the ground as if defeated.

Vic Wei joked that they should “plan for an abduction of Mentor Li Ronghao” to grab Lisa’s number for themselves.

Of course, became the official winner of “Never Have I Ever.”


Check out the full video below!