Here’s When BLACKPINK Looks Their Prettiest, According To The Members Themselves

They loved Jennie’s confidence!

Each BLACKPINK member is undoubtedly gorgeous. Their magazine shoots, airport appearances, and online posts prove time and again that they’re all visuals.

But what do the girls themselves think of their looks? They were asked when they feel prettiest during a 2017 appearance on Youngstreet Radio, and they didn’t hold back!

1. Jisoo

To begin the list, Jisoo was the first member who shared her answer. She enthusiastically said that getting dolled up makes a huge difference in her eyes.

Today at the salon, after I was done with all the makeup, [I thought] ‘Hmm…yes. This is BLACKPINK.’

— Jisoo

She frequently asks the stylists to “do it quickly” since there’s a difference in her confidence before and after.

Fans can agree that she’s stunning no matter what.

2. Lisa

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Next up, there’s one clear moment when Lisa feels most put-together: when she straightens her hair. She explained that her originally-curly hair sometimes makes her look like a mess.

I have curly hair so when I wake up, I look like a lion. So when I straighten my hair, after I straighten it, I say, ‘Wow, I look like a human’.

— Lisa

Curly, wavy, or straight hair, Lisa’s beautiful no matter what!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

3. Jennie

Finally, Jennie’s answer was the simplest. She shared that she feels pretty quite often: “Umm…for me, everyday?”

She was applauded for her confidence by her members and the radio’s host, exclaiming that her self-assurance in “As If It’s Your Last” was also reflected at that moment.

With her gorgeous looks, who can disagree?

Fans unfortunately couldn’t hear Rosé‘s answer as the radio program went on a break. Despite this, in the perspective of BLINKs, there’s only one real answer to when she’s prettiest anyway—all the time!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Check out the full video below!

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