BLACKPINK Made Fun Of Lisa So Much, She Walked Out In “Anger”

It was all in jest.

No matter how charming Lisa is in the eyes of her fans, she’s just a cute fluffball to her members. This was definitely seen in the “Charm Battle” that BLACKPINK had with Netflix.

While Jisoo and Jennie received positive reviews for their effective pick-up lines from everyone…

…the maknae just couldn’t seem to break through. Even with her arm around Rosé like a loving partner, Lisa’s line was still too weak for them: “If you were a song, you’ll be the best track on the album”.

Jisoo and Jennie were firm that she was less cheesy than usual, making them disappointed in her subpar seduction.

Lisa, that was a little underwhelming. Because she is usually very cheesy, this feels a little underwhelming.

— Jisoo

Claiming that she’d deduct points if she could, Jisoo wasn’t going easy on Lisa at all.

I was disappointed. You’re not who I used to know. Who are you?

— Jisoo

They were harsh critics until the end! When Lisa said her next pick-up line, the reaction was not much better than the previous one.

Are you the moon? Because even when it’s dark, you still seem to shine.

— Lisa

She was made fun of right away, with her members lightheartedly mocking her words.

Lisa was so “offended”, she even walked away from the couch!

Even if the maknae ended up losing the game, she had a fun time playing around with her members. To see more of BLACKPINK battling it out with their charms, check out the video below.