BLACKPINK’s Maknae Line Make Some Savage Comments About Jisoo’s “Fierce Side”

Jisoo wanted some “apologies”!

The BLACKPINK members sure do love teasing each other, and during their recent Twitter Blueroom LIVE, the maknae line (Rosé and Lisa) had a fun time teasing Jisoo.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé (Left) & Lisa (Right)

During the broadcast, the members were asked to express their “fierce” side and “cute” side.

When it was Jisoo’s turn, Lisa and Rosé weren’t the biggest fans of Jisoo’s “fierce” expression.

Rosé even commented on how Jisoo looked like something she saw from the movie Aliens.

Jisoo couldn’t help but laugh and stated that while she never watched the movie Aliens, she wanted an “apology” from Rosé.

Lisa then added that Jisoo looked like a zombie rabbit.

Jisoo once again laughed and stated that being called a rabbit was fine, but getting called a zombie rabbit was a bit strange. She then asked for an “apology” from Lisa as well.

Here’s the full video below!